Learning Node.js at Codeschool

[Review] Learning Node.js at Codeschool

Node.js has been around for a while now, since 2009 to be precise, and learning Node.js at Codeschool was an obvious starting point for me to discover what it is all about.

Event-driven Networking


Like any newcomer to coding many things are gibberish to me. After starting to learn Javascript and discovering MEAN stack I decided to stick with learning one programming language for now. My choice was simple.

Javascript would be my programming language of choice… for now.

One thing that I learned while finding out about MEAN stack, was a Javascript server-side solution called Node.js. What does that mean to us ‘newcomers’? Bascially it means that with Node.js we can run a webserver that includes real-time technologies. Node.js can listen and respond to requests and using several other frameworks like Express.js serve up content on the client-side. Even better, Node.js was built to do this in real-time, a technology that, to an advanced internet user, feels like AJAX.

Where Apache was needed in the past, Node.js can now (to a large extent) be used, and then some.

Codeschool’s Node.js Course Review

Ok, so how did I experience the Node.js course at Codeschool? If I need to sum it up into one sentance, then I would say that:

It is a great primer course where knowledge of Javascript is needed, but will definitely prepare you to discover more about Node.js and its seemless integrations with Express.js, EJS, Socket.io.

The course is very concise. Without prior knowledge of Javascript you won’t get through it, so I recommend starting with those courses first before learning Node.js at Codeschool.


Well taught by Gregg Pollack and Carlos Souza with a fun and practical example of how to build a real-time chat server using Node.js at its foundation. The introduction to Socket.io was very valuable and a prime example of the power of Node.js.


Maybe too concise. The course lacks real depth and maybe too much focus is given to the basic concept of Node.js and the heavy dependency on other packages like Express.js to really make it all work.

Codeschool’s Node.js bloopers *smile*

One of the small things that always cheers me up while taking courses at Codeschool are the blooper reels they add to the end of some levels.

Here is the blooper reel from the Node.js course.

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