Setting up MEAN stack with Webstorm

Ever since I got interested in learning how to code, Javascript has always been the most relevant in my line of work as a Web Analytics consultant.

As a Dad, I can tell you one thing for certain, you don’t get enough time to leisurely sit around and create the most complex applications. Nope. Never. Forget about it. So, MEAN (and MeteorJS) are my frameworks of choice when it comes to learning to code.

MEAN Stack, web development solution for Dads

MEAN Stack is web development optimized for Dads, or any other person who finds 24 hours in a day to be ludicrous. MEAN, for those new to the game (trust me, I was several months ago, too) can be used to create complete web environments. Programming MEAN stack means you are working with server technology, a back-end and front-end frameworks, and a database.

MEAN is an acronym for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. So, instead of learning 4 different programming languages to manage a complete web/server environment, in MEAN everything revolves around Javascript.

This is not a MEAN Stack course!

Now this post was not meant to teach you MEAN stack development, there are some other great resources for that which I will share with you soon. This post was meant to share a great video with you where John Lindquist shows us how easy it is to get started with MEAN stack in JetBrain’s Webstorm Javascript IDE.

John quickly shows us how easy it is to set up show with MEAN. This video really got me excited and motivated to learn more about the capabilities of MEAN stack and comparing it to other solutions like the a fore mentioned MeteorJS which is ridiculously silly easy… if you catch my drift. Enjoy the video!

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About Dad

I am a dad of 4 great kids. I want my kids to grow up and learn how to code because I know that it will give them an advantage later on in life. In order to motivate them to learn how to code I need to lead by example. So, now I am learning how to code and this is my journey.

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