Video Tutorials for Learning Meteor.js

How did you like my post on books for learning Meteor.js? Not always a big fan of reading books? Are you more visually inclined? I understand. I am, too.

Luckily there are some great folks out there who will make our lives easier with regards to learning Meteor.js.

Online Programming Courses

I having been taking online courses for quite some time now and have found the quality of many courses to be poor. Lately I have been taking Javascript courses at Codeschool, and as a beginner I can honestly say that the quality is great.

codeschool challenges
Watch tutorial videos and then practice your coding skills with challenges at Codeschool

Other online learning platforms such as Udemy are good, but when it comes to learning to code they lack in functionality. With that I mean that during an online coding/programming course I have found it essential to practice what I have learned with practical challenges.

Now, not all courses in the Meteor course list below offer these practical challenges, but many of them have been written and published by renowned Meteor professionals.

Video tutorials for learning Meteor.js

I have ordered these videos in the order that I would personally sign-up for them. I won’t be taking all the courses. I will definitely be signing up for Chris Mather’s Evented Mind courses and Josh Owens Learn Meteor course, purely because of their active roles in the Javascript and Meteor communities.

josh owen meteor 8 days course
Josh Owens 8 day Meteor course offers videos with its $75 Video package. Signing up soon 🙂

Some notes on the Meteor.js video tutorial list

The list is not complete. I was personally overwhelmed by all the resources. I took a look at the quality and reviews of the courses and created this shortlist. If your list is not on their, I most likely don’t know about it because I did not vet that much.

Why did I put David Turnbull’s course at the bottom? That is because I already bought his Meteor book and according to the author himself the video screencasts reflect the same content. So don’t let the position in the list influence your decisions much, the Meteor screencasts are worth it.

Meteor themselves maintain an active channel on Youtube but offer no real courses or full fledged Meteor tutorials.

Advanced Meteor courses are available, too. However, because of the advanced curriculum I did not add them to the list. Worthwhile courses include Pluralsight Meteor courses and Meteorhacks’ Bulletproof Meteor course. I have purchased the latter and will be working my way to completing the course soon.

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